Tell your story. Crush your fear. Rule your world.

Why keep thinking about writing and performing a one-person show when you can actually do it?

Screw It, Let’s Do It! is a three day workshop that takes you through all the steps I’ve taken to create each of my solo shows, plus you’ll have the opportunity to perform the monologue created in the workshop.

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Class size: 6 students

What you’ll learn during “Screw it. Let’s do it!”

Day One: Your Story

You’ll learn:

  • a simple way to structure your entire show
  • to set yourself up for success in your writing process
  • the mindset you need to overcome the obstacles that stop you from writing your show
  • and the best way to get feedback from others without derailing your entire story
Day Two: Your Production

You’ll learn how to:

  • produce your show on a budget
  • work with a director
  • how to choose the best theater for your show

Days One & Two will give you plenty of time to write and re-write after getting guidance from me and constructive feedback from your audience of peers.

Day Three: Your Show

You’ll learn how to:

  • prepare for your performance
  • get the best out of your tech crew
  • make an audience fall in love with you.

On Day Three you will perform your 10-minute brand new one-person show in front of an invited audience.

Take a leap & boost your creative confidence.

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